Commission offers testimony on higher-ed bills

The Coordinating Commission has offered testimony on 15 higher-education-related bills being considered this session of the state legislature. Executive Director Marshall A. Hill spoke on behalf of the commission. Below is a summary of those bills, as well as a link to the commission’s submitted testimony.

  • LB 47Proponent – Change provisions related to career academies
  • LB 116Neutral – Create dual-enrollment requirements
  • LB 162Proponent – Establish process for reverse-transfer notification
  • LB 163Proponent – Require an annual report on workforce needs and education credentials
  • LB 331Proponent – Revise provisions for Nebraska Opportunity Grant
  • LB 332Proponent – Revise provisions for Access College Early grant program
  • LB 367Neutral – Adopt the Twenty-First Century Developmental Education Act
  • LB 465Opponent – Adopt the College Choice Grant Program
  • LB 466Proponent – Make technical adjustments to the Coordinating Commission’s out-of-state institution approval process
  • LB 467Proponent – Add to Coordinating Commission’s authority relating to online offerings
  • LB 478Opponent – Make revisions to the Access College Early grant program
  • LB 480Neutral – Create the Nebraska Career Technical Education Grant Program
  • LB 491Opponent – Make revisions to Nebraska Opportunity Grant
  • LB 546Neutral – Make changes to process of review and approval of revenue-bond projects
  • LB 651Opponent – Eliminate property tax funding for community colleges

The commission will testify on two more bills (LB 334 and LB 400) on March 18, and one bill (LB 497) on March 19.

UPDATE (March 19, 2013): The Commission has testified on its final three bills of the 2013 session:

  • LB 334Proponent – Appropriates additional funds for Nebraska Opportunity Grant
  • LB 400Neutral – Appropriates additional funds for state’s community colleges
  • LB 497Neutral – Ends current provisions allocating lottery funds to Education Innovation Fund and Nebraska Opportunity Grant on June 30, 2016, and calls for a study of potential uses of those

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